Since 1992, STAAC has consistently added value for some of the best companies and most innovative leaders in the world. Now we want to work with you and your company.

Over the last 10 years, Neil Passero and the STAAC Group team have been lucky to work with a wide variety of innovative clients in a number of industries. We are certainly proud so many of them have such great things to say about us!

Working with CKS, Oracle, Microsoft and other Silicon Valley innovators, we have gained a first class education in how technology is reshaping our world, especially marketing and communications. Based on this experience we are bullish on the future of computer driven media and wireless communications.

We are also excited about the prospects at the intersection of computing and biology. Since 1998, STAAC has expanded into the life sciences industry and has spread our client base into the mid west through our relationship with Stauffer Life Sciences of Omaha, Nebraska and Prodigene of College Station, Texas.

Most recently, STAAC has expanded operations into the Boston - Connecticut - New York corridor with the opening of our office Westport, Connecticut. This location will enhance our ability to service high tech and life science clients in this region.

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