Your customers face challenges. By presenting your solution in the context of their pain via branded company brochures, direct mail newsletters and advertisments, they will be more likely to make a connection with your brand solution. By driving customers to your web site through these materials and measuring the results, you can effectively determine which media and messages are working.

Your analysts and journalists also face challenges. Analysts and journalists both seek the next, new company to champion. Their problem is not a scarcity of potential ideas to cover but information overload. By positioning your solution to a clear market problem and packaging it in an easy-to-obtain online and printed media kit, you make it easier for analysts and journalists to appreciate and cover your story.

STAAC creates the print and public relations materials you need including:
  • Media and press kits containing company overview, solution, executive bios
  • Online image and video repositories for easy access by the press and analysts
  • Company collateral including folders, brochures, fact and product sheets
  • Newsletter writing and design that drives web site traffic
  • Print advertisement positioning and design
  • Digital print production tools for analog and digital distribution
  • Analog and digital photography for capturing the images that tell your story
  • Digital video production for online interviews and company intros
Print is not dead. However, the production and distribution of your public and media relation kits can be greatly facilitated and accelerated with digital production tools and online distribution. STAAC helps you conceive, design and distribute printed and electronic media kits that address the pain and are easy to access.

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