Your web site IS NOT a brochure... it is a lead generation tool that forms the center of your marketing program. By pointing all of your marketing materials back to your website, you have the opportunity to gain valuable information about which media and messages are working for you and who is being attracted by them. Does your marketing program explicitly focus on driving visitors to your web site and generating sales leads?

The web IS your customer's primary research tool... just as you are using the web right now to find out about STAAC, your customers are looking online for you. If customers are provided with value added content and applications that engage their emotions and address their pain they are more likely to provide you with contact information. Does your site address their pain?

To help clients create online marketing solutions that contain value-added experiences and generate leads STAAC provides:
  • Online marketing strategy fused to offline marketing programs
  • Information architecture
  • Interface design
  • Graphic design
  • Static HTML and dynamic PHP programming
  • Interactive Flash animation and applications
  • Database application development
  • Server architecture and outsourcing
STAAC's web site design and internet marketing solutions minimize client infrastructure investments and provide flexibility in an everchanging technological landscape. Our goal is to create sales opportunities for you, not a computer salesperson.

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