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Interactive media is the most important aspect of your marketing program next to your in-person presentations.

Why? Because text, sound, still and moving images that respond to and record user interaction, when edited properly, will clearly and consistently present your message...whenever your customer is ready to listen.

A key component of interactive marketing is interactivity. Unlike any other media, interactive media provides your customer the opportunity to make choices and provide input to which you can respond.

Delivering interactive calculators and applications via CD-ROM and the internet that present solutions in the context of your customer's pain has been the focus of STAAC's marketing strategy since 1992.

By providing customers value-added, interactive experiences that reflect their interests while presenting your solution, you can better forge the emotional bond between your branded cure and their pain. Applications include:
  • Online multimedia Flash presentations
  • CD-ROM with web connectivity for direct marketing applications
  • Online and CD-ROM product demonstrations and trial software installers
  • Trade show presentations and kiosks
  • Lead generation presentations and tools
  • Value-added calculators and marketing applications
  • Sales demos, product visualizations and product prototypes
  • Mini CD-ROM "business cards"
Via floppy disks, CD-ROM, Flash and now the internet, STAAC has been delivering interactive presentations for market leaders such as Oracle, Bay Networks and Books That Work since 1992. We bring more than 10 years of interactive media experience to the table. Information architecture, interface design and effective information presentation are our stock in trade.

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