Face-to-face meetings sell deals. Your presentation is central to selling your vision and products in meetings.

Your appearance, your delivery and your support materials must instill confidence in your audience. Just as you wear your best shirt and speak clearly, your support materials need to be polished.

Your slide show and your leave behind materials are your support team in your effort to persuade your audience. When written and designed properly, these tools will consistently help you sell your vision and convince your audience of your ability to cure their pain.

STAAC can help you create a complete presentation kit including:
  • Brand and message development
  • Professional script writing
  • Presentation template and graphic design
  • Animation and Flash demos in PowerPoint
  • Leave behind material conception and design
Why work with us? Because the STAAC presentation team members are The RoadShow Pros! We cut our teeth creating big-time presentations for clients including Larry Ellison, Marc Benioff and Tom Siebel and providing solutions for marketing executives at Oracle, Apple, Alta Vista, CKS Partners and many other companies. Our track record across the finance, computer and pharmaceutical industries is proof that we can help you create custom presentations that compliment and extend your company brand and message.

STAAC provides complete presentation solutions from equipment selection, writing and design to on site support and set up. We also create complimentary web sites and printed materials that consistently and clearly reinforce your face to face pitch.

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