What media can best deliver the appropriate messages to which target audience? How can marketing resources be effectively allocated?

By working with your team to define your projects and the key messages they contain, STAAC can help you build a marketing program that connects your customer's mind with your brand.

Your project plan is designed to leverage your key messages to right audiences across your presentations, web site, brochures and public relations materials in a way that addresses your customer's pain and presents your cure.

Consistency and clarity of visual, written and spoken messages across your entire marketing program is the ultimate objective. This is key to effectively marketing your company brand.

Why all the focus on the pain, the pain, the pain? For the simple reason that: if you clearly and consistently present your solution in the context of your customers pain, you are better able to create an emotional bond between your brand and your customer's mind. The essence of marketing is to build these bridges so customers will be more likely to recall your brand when the pain occurs and a solution is called for.

Sound simple? With STAAC's "Mine and Refine" team crafting a "Brand BluePrint" that inform your presentations, interactive media, web content and PR materials, it is simple.

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