Your "Brand BluePrint" is the result of the "Mine and Refine" process STAAC conducts with your team.

The "Brand BluePrint" is a 5-10 page strategic deliverable that clearly articulates your purpose, mission, value proposition, corporate story and differentiators in the context of your customer's needs.

Your Brand BluePrint is the foundation of your marketing program and reflects the market position that your company wants to project and present to your customers, partners, investors and employees.

This document contains the strategic content that informs all of your tactical marketing materials including presentations, web sites, print media and public relations materials. With your Brand BluePrint in hand we can begin building your media kit.

The completed Brand BluePrint contains your:
  • Corporate vision including your purpose, values and mission
  • Corporate story including the market, problem, challenges and solution
  • Assets/liabilities of team, market, product, business model and competitors
  • Brand Positioning Statement including what your brand does and why it is
  • Brand Context, Emotional, Rational and Imagery attributes
  • Brand Architecture Model
The "Mine and Refine" process and "Brand BluePrint" documentation were orginally designed for Sequoia Capital's emerging companies but are applicable to companies of all size and stage of development.

STAAC provides a scalable branding and positioning solution that can be precisely tuned to your company marketing needs. Creating new brands and extending existing ones is our focus. With your Brand BluePrint in hand you can effectively begin planning your media projects and key messages.

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