Building a branded marketing program is like constructing multiple bridges to your customer's mind. Many bridges ensure you get there.

To effectively build a brand that connects with your customer's mind, you need the right materials, concrete plans and proper execution by the right team.

STAAC's "Mine and Refine" process is a two day engagement with key members of your team designed to determine the key concepts that will enable you to connect with your customer.

Through this process, STAAC helps you "mine" the collective knowledge of your team including executives, investors and analysts and "refine" the essence of your brand through analysis of what we observe. Our observations are distilled and delivered to you in your comprehensive Brand BluePrint.

During the "Mine and Refine" brainstorming process STAAC focuses on:
  • Getting to know your team, partners, perspectives and objectives
  • Reviewing existing collateral, analyst and investor reports
  • Learning about your customer and the challenges they face
  • Clearly articulating the market "pain" your company cures
  • Analyzing the competitive landscape in which your company exists
  • Brainstorming and evaluating new positioning and key messages
  • Defining your unique value proposition and market position
  • Creating new brands and extending of existing ones
  • Documenting and delivering the results in your Brand Blue Print
STAAC's "Mine and Refine" and "Brand BluePrint" processes were created with Sequoia Capital, one the world's leading venture capital firms based in Palo Alto, California. STAAC is currently offering this service to select companies outside of the Sequoia Capital portfolio.

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