Client's Pain: You need to produce a color brochure, web site, sales demo and/or presentation that clearly projects the company brand and messages... yesterday.

The Solution?: Distributing projects and managing multiple vendors for brand strategy, print, web and event marketing and allowing sales execs to "design" their presentations.

The Result: Brand confusion, unpredictable quality and inconsistent messaging plus a management nightmare.

STAAC's Solution: Provide the deliverables you need to compliment your marketing program: clear messages delivered via consistently branded presentations, sales tools, web media, print and PR materials. STAAC's media kits help clients look professional in the marketplace.

To help clients compliment and extend their sales and marketing programs, STAAC provides media kits that include:
  • Brand analysis and development
  • Two day "Mine and Refine" positioning session
  • Key message and media kit planning
  • Executive roadshow presentation(s)
  • Sales and marketing presentation(s)
  • Web site and interactive sales tools
  • Brochure and leave-behind print materials
  • Public relations materials
  • Trade show booth design and media
Oracle, Bay Networks, Alta Vista, Silicon Graphics and Robertson Stephens count on STAAC to deliver strategic ideas and marketing solutions that sell. You can too.

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