Client's Pain: Entrepreneurs don't know where to turn to get the professional presentation, web site and printed support materials they know they need... yesterday.

The Solution?: Executives hit the road with homemade materials that do not address the market pain and do not project a professional image.

The Result: A vicious cycle of pain including long fund raising campaigns; difficulty persuading investors, analysts and the press of company value; slow growth; missed opportunities... and the need to raise more capital.

STAAC's Solution: Lead executives through STAAC's two-day Mine and Refine brand development process that identifies your customer and the pain they feel. This process enables us to quickly and effectively create branded presentations, web sites, product demos and print collateral that clients need to look professional and inspire the confidence of investors.

To help clients raise capital STAAC provides fund-raising media kits that include:
  • Brand analysis and development
  • Two day "Mine and Refine" positioning session
  • 5-10 page company "Brand BluePrint" documentation
  • Key message and media kit planning
  • Company logo and stationary systems
  • Executive roadshow presentation
  • Brochure and leave-behind print materials
  • Web site with reinforcing messages
  • Analyst/Press kits and executive bios
  • Public relations messaging and channels
  • Trade show booth design and media
Clients who have reaches their business objectives with STAAC's assistance include Sequoia Capital portfolio companies, Stauffer Life Sciences, ProdiGene.

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